Soporte y Funda para Teléfono Inteligente


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Product model: HL-69 bicycle/motorcycle mobile phone waterproof bracket

For iPhone Xs 11 Samsung s8 s9 Mobile Stand Support Scooter Cover

Product functions: waterproof (not under water), 360 degree rotation, folding bracket, simple and practical

Accessories list: 1 waterproof case, 1 bicycle mounting base, 1 magnetic disc, 1 small wrench, 1 color box

Product features:

1. Large size design, suitable for most models within 6.7 inches in the market

2. Built-in sealing ring, effectively cope with most rainy conditions

3. Multi-axis folding base, can freely adjust a variety of angles

4. Built-in magnet can effectively fix the mobile phone without shifting

5. The waterproof case has a window design on the back, so you can take pictures and video without taking out the phone6. There are data cable and headphone jack at the bottom

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