Altavoz portátil inalámbrico Bluetooth


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How to set up the TG157 radio?

1. If it's indoors, Please put the speaker near the window

2. Connect the speaker to the USB charging cable, It can replace the radio antenna, Enhance the radio signal of the speaker

3. Open the speaker and click the M key to switch the radio mode

4. Click the switch button to search for a clear radio station, Click the middle button again to confirm the station,If you miss a clear station in the search, You can click the + - button to select the stations you miss

5. Click the + - button to search for any clear station

6. If the speaker is outdoors, Its radio signal will be better


Bluetooth version: 4.2

Transmission date distance: 10 m

Playing time: 3 H (volume will affect the playing time)

Speaker: 5 W * 2Peak value: 10 W

Soundtrack: 2.0

Frequency range: 2.4 GHz

Input sensitivity: 400mV

Wireless transmission distance: 10 meter signal to noise ratio: 80dB

Playback formats: WAV, MP3, WMA

Maximum TF support: 32G

Operating mode: press

Input voltage: DC 5 V 2A

Type of certificate: CE

Dimension: 178.7 * 72.9 * 72.6mm


1*157 speaker

1*charge cable

1*AUX cable

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