Esterilizador Ultravioleta


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Mite Robot Item Type: Mite Robot Color: White Material: ABS Input:5V 1A Output:5V 1A Power Of Manual Disinfection Mode:2.1W Power Of Auto Disinfection Mode:3.4W UV Wavelength:253.7nm Battery:2400mAh Charging Time:0.5 Hours Usage Time:2 Hours Weight:370g Size:16*16cm/6.3*6.3in Product Include 1*Main Machine 1*Manual 1*Box Feature Sanitize hotel pillowcases, toilet seats, light switches, bathroom fixtures, TV remotes, and more in handheld mode. Press once power button to start Handheld Mode to eliminate objects like light switches, pillows, phone screen and any surface. Double press power button, the bed robot will automatically clean under and over your sheets and bedspread, won't fall off the bed. In your home, you can use robots to sanitize toys for your children and pets, disinfect messy areas,and sanitize devices like cell phones, keyboards, tablets, and the interior of cars.

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