Soporte para Teléfono Inteligente


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1. Made of brand new ABS materials, it is both environmentally friendly and durable.

2. It is applicable to most styles of mobile phones.

3. With 360 ° rotation function, it is free to adjust for a variety of visual angles.

4. With gripper structures, it is convenient to quickly remove and install.

5. Foamed plastics ( or soft plastics ) on the part contacting with

 phones effectively protect your phones from being scratched.


1. Product Type: second generation rear view mirror holder

2. Product Function: It can be used to fix car rear-view mirrors, and it is able to be 360-degree rotated, simple and practical.

3. Applicable Models: phones with 3-5.5 inch screens

Package Included:

1X Car Rearview Mirror Mount Holder

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